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SwabSaver®          NEW!


*Collect, Store, Ship, Preserve Biological Samples in One!

No transfer of sample required - collect then analyze

Easier means a better, more secure sample

DNA, Blood or Buccal


Quick, Non-Invasive


No Biological Hazard!!  Safe Mailing and Shipping


Best device for sample collection!


SwabSaver manufactured  Exclusively by Fast Forward Forensics

Patented by Fast Forward Forensics

Patent Number US 9,103,749



The SwabSaver® is a new patented device designed to simplify the collection of biological samples, preserve them at room temperature and prepare them for processing without the need to transfer the sample.


Anyone can collect a biological sample- anywhere


* Can be used with large buccal swabs for genetic testing or small swabs for the collection of touch evidence at crime scenes

* Simplifies the collection, storage and processing of DNA samples with no transfer steps, liquids for preservation or the need for storing at low temperatures

* Stabilizes samples at room temperature- recent study shows the same DNA after 7 months of storage at room temperature compared to fresh DNA samples.


After designing collection devices for over twenty-five years our patented SwabSaver combines all the features needed for remote sample collection of buccal (cheek cells) or blood samples.


Any Swab


Buccal samples are simple to collect by swabbing for 15 seconds with a CEP Swab (See in our Swabs section), eject the sample into the SwabSaver® and snap the cap closed for mailing to the laboratory for automated processing. Other swabs can also be used with the SwabSaver® by using the swab breaker that is used to break the head off swabs so the swab head drops into the SwabSaver®. There is no need to dry the sample before inserting them into the SwabSaver®.


Blood samples are collected by dripping blood from a lancet draw onto the head of a CEP swab and then ejecting the swab head into a SwabSaver®.


Simple Process


Collection is very easy when using a CEP Swab (See in our Swabs section). The SwabSaver is removed from the foil package and the CEP Swab with a blood or saliva/buccal sample is ejected into the SwabSaver® (See photo). The cap is snapped shut and the sample is ready for shipping. The SwabSavers® protect the sample during shipping and are easily racked for storage with readily available racks for micro centrifuge tubes. The SwabSaver® can also be loaded into most centrifuges and liquid handling devices to extract the DNA from the sample without the need to transfer the sample from the point of collection through DNA extraction. Tracking the sample can be achieved with labeling, barcodes, 2D barcodes or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. The lower chamber of the SwabSaver® is designed to accommodate an RFID tag.


Sample Preservation


Samples with up to 250 microliters of saliva or blood will desiccate within 24 hours, preserving the sample at room temperature. Ongoing studies have shown that samples stored for over 7 months at room temperature in the SwabSaver® provide comparable STR results to fresh samples. (See Data Section for details)




We design kits to provide everything required for remote sample collection by novice users. We understand how difficult it is to design kits and we have over twenty-five years’ experience designing simple kits made to collect blood or saliva samples anywhere by anyone.





The SwabSaver® is a new device designed to simplify the collection of biological samples, preserve them at room temperature and prepare them for processing without the need to transfer the sample.


The SwabSaver® is a polypropylene tube with a patented design to accept most swabs by either breaking or pulling the swab head off. The cap is snapped shut and samples with up to 250 microliters of sample will desiccate within 24 hours, preserving the sample at room temperature. Ongoing studies have shown that samples stored for over 20 weeks at room temperature in the SwabSaver® provide comparable STR results to fresh samples.



* Any swab (plastic or wooden stem)

* Easy to snap and seal

* Few steps minimizes contamination risk

* Larger swabs like CEP swabs can be pulled off or ejected into the SwabSaver

* Can collect saliva (Buccal cells) or use a lancet to collect blood



* Dry within 24 hours to preserve samples for long-term at room temperature

* Real-time data shows samples stored at room temperature for 20 weeks provide similar results to fresh samples

* No transfer needed from collection through DNA extraction

* Easy to label with barcodes, 2D Barcodes or internal RFID Tag



Available with and without a swab breaker. The Swab Breaker is

designed to fit in the mouth of the SwabSaver and break or pull

the head off most swabs. A swab breaker is not needed if you use

swabs with heads that can be ejected from the handle like our

 push-off swabs or CEP Swabs.


SwabSaver with a Swab Breaker Cat. No.  1100

SwabSaver without a Swab Breaker Cat. No. 1000

Swab Breakers    Cat. No. 1500



Now Anyone can collect a sample easily Anywhere, Anytime SwabSaver
Only By


Swab Breaker




SwabSaver® with Swab Breaker


The SwabSaver can be purchased with a swab breaker for more flexibility in the choice of swabs that can be used.


Adding a swab breaker to the patented SwabSaver® allows most swabs to be used by either breaking or pulling the swab head off any swab. The removable swab breaker comes already inserted into the mouth of the SwabSaver so you can use most any swab to collect a sample, insert the head of the swab into the SwabSaver, move the handle of the swab into the slot of the swab breaker and apply pressure perpendicular to the slot to break the handle. The swab head will fall into the SwabSaver, you can then pull on the tab of the swab breaker to pull it out of the tube so the cap can be snapped shut.


The swab breaker is designed to fit into the SwabSaver® , but can function in any tube with a half inch diameter opening.


 Simply insert the swab breaker into the mouth of the tube. It fits securely and will remain in place as you insert a swab handle into the slot of the swab breaker and apply pressure to the handle perpendicular to the slot of the swab breaker to break the handle. If the swab head can be pulled off, all you need to do is insert the swab into the swab breaker and pull the head off.


SwabBreaker Designed by Fast Forward Forensics



Swab Breaker

Initial results show that the amount of DNA extracted from buccal samples stored at room temperature in SwabSavers® provide the same amount of DNA as freshly collected samples. SwabSaver Data (*Data from the Blood Center of Wisconsin)




 University of Wisconsin


The UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility performed testing on buccal and blood samples on CEP Swabs stored in SwabSavers® at room temperature for 6 months. Two buccal and two blood samples were weighed and then extracted with the Gentra® Puregene® kit from Qiagen and two buccal samples were extracted with an organic protocol. The A260/A280 ratio was calculated to determine the purity of the DNA produced and the samples were electrophoresed in an agarose gel to determine the size of the DNA.


The results of testing showed that the buccal samples had not gained any weight during 6 months of storage, indicating that the SwabSaver® had successfully kept the samples dry and no moisture was absorbed to increase the weight of the samples.


The two buccal samples extracted with the Qiagen system had a yield of 3.5 and 4ug of DNA and an A260/280 ratio of 1.92 and 1.81 indicating pure DNA. The blood samples had a lower yield at 0.3 and 0.05ug with an A260/280 ratio of 1.0 and 1.5. The buccal samples that were organically extracted had a yield of 3 and 6ug with A260/280 ratios of 1.64 and 1.76. The median DNA size was 10-14 kb for the buccal samples and 20-25kb for the blood samples.




The SwabSaver has been tested by three laboratories to determine the stability of DNA .


Ethidium stained agarose gel of samples with Lambda HindIII marker in lane one, followed by samples 4, 8, 9, 15, negative, 5, 7, and a negative sample.


Guardian Forensics


The STR data analysis below shows that profiles generated from buccal samples stored at room temperature for more than four months in a SwabSaver®, generate data that looks as well as the fresh sample shown on the right. There are no signs of degradation and quantity of DNA is comparable to yields of DNA extracted from fresh samples.

The Original Preservation Specimen Card

NOW Available as PRESERVE™









Card Sizes

Indicating Info

BSD Punch





PRESERVE™ Cards are a treated cotton linter paper sample collection card used to simplify the collection, preservation and storage of biological samples at room temperature. PRESERVE™ Cards are designed to bind DNA even when processed with standard DNA purification protocols so they can be easily punched and used directly in procedures using DNA Amplification. This technology has been shown to be effective in the long-term preservation of blood and buccal cells for applications using DNA Amplification.


Designed to store and preserve biological samples at ambient temperatures


Provides DNA amplification results comparable to the leading sample collection card


Pathogen killing formulation impregnated into the paper matrix was confirmed to be successful by Kirby Bauer Test


Available in a number of formats for easy handling or automation

Samples available on request for simple concordance study validation



Comparable STR data obtained from Fitzco’s PRESERVE™ Cards when compared to FTA® with saliva or blood



 PRESERVE™ Cards 60102 PRESERVE™ Classic Card (4 circles) 60121 PRESERVE™ Micro Card (1 circle) 60130 PRESERVE™ Nano™ Card (1 circle) 60142 PRESERVE™ Mini Card (2 circle) Cover 60151 PRESERVE™ Genecard (3 circles) 60154 PRESERVE™ AutoGene™ Card 60162 PRESERVE™ TYWN™ Card(2 circle) 60185 PRESERVE™ XPRESS™ Card  PRESERVE i™ Indicating Cards 60103 PRESERVEi™ Classic Indicating Card (4 circles) 60123 PRESERVEi™ Micro Indicating Card (1 circle) 60131 PRESERVEi™ Nano™ Indicating Card (1 circle) 60143 PRESERVEi™ Mini Indicating Card (2 circle) 60152 PRESERVEi™ Indicating Genecard (3 circles) 60155 PRESERVEi™ AutoGene™ Card Indicating 60163 PRESERVEi™ Indicating TYWN™ Card(2 circle) 60186 PRESERVEi™ XPRESS™ Card Indicating
Also Available with PRESERVE i™
Combine with our Quality Products to get Quality Results Reagents 71010 Puri-Lute 100ml 71007 Puri-Lute 500ml Desiccants 1006 Desiccant, Medical Grade 1g 1000 Drypak 26309 Drypak Swab Sleeve 100/pack 26312 Drypak - Micro 2.5" x 6" 100/pack Multibarrier 28016 Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier - Small 100/pack 28042 Clear UltraBarrier Small 100/pack Foam Swabs 100/pack 08033 Foam Tipped Swab Sterile - Standard Applicator 08067 Foam Tipped Swab Sterile - Round Applicator  Sampact 65009 Sampact including PRESERVEi™ Card 60180 PRESERVE™ Sampact™ Card 60181 PRESERVEi™ Sampact™ Indicating Card




This PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card has an added feature designed to effectively squeeze the sample out of a freshly collected foam swab placed on the card. Simply place a foam swab with sample on the PRESERVEi card in the circle and close the protective flap on the card. Squeeze the flap closed for 10 second to allow the sample to simply transfer from the foam swab onto the PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card. This allows for a very simple and consistent transfer process that provides better samples in less time and with more consistency. Once the transfer is complete we recommend our Dry Pouch or Small Multibarrier Pouch with Desiccant for transport and storage.  The SwabSqueezer™ Single Collect comes with Round Foam Tipped Swab (08067) and the PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card.





Split Collector


The Swabsqueezer™ Split Collector is designed to create two samples from one collection swab.   The SwabSqueezer™ is designed to work the same way as the SwabSqueezer™ Single but using a Breakaway Foam Swab allows for the creation of two samples from one collector. Once the Breakaway Swab has been used to make a collection, it is placed on the PRESERVEi™ Card and squeezed just like the SwabSqueezer™ Single. Once the squeeze is complete instead of releasing the SwabSqueezer™, you pull on the handle of the Break-Away Swab while still squeezing. The Break-Away Swab will split in half with half remaining on the handle and half squeezed against the PRESERVE Card. The resulting samples are half of a foam swab that can be used for immediate analysis in a rapid DNA instrument or extracted for traditional analysis. The other sample is the PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card that can be sent to the laboratory for analysis and storage. The Swabsqueezer™ Split Collector comes with the PRESERVEi™ Card and the appropriate number of BreakAway Foam Swabs (13011). The Breakaway Foam Swabs are perforated to allow them to split by pulling on the handle while squeezing the card closed.


SwabSqueezer™ Cards



SwabSqueezer Products™


Product Name Cat. No. Size


SwabSqueezer™ Single Collect 60128 100/pk


SwabSqueezer™ Split Collect 65115 100/pk


SwabSqueezer™ Xpress Collector 65118 100/pk


SwabSqueezer™ Autogene Collector 65117 100/pk


DUO Micro Card 60131 100/pk







The SwabSqueezer™ Collector combines a Foam Swab with a XPRess PRESERVEi™ Indicating Cassette designed for automated processing. The SwabSqueezer™ Collector comes in a box designed to hold the cassette so all documentation and labeling is completed on the cassette before it is removed from the box. Once the documentation is complete the SwabSqueezer™ Collector is removed from the box and the swab head cover is removed so a sample can be taken. The SwabSqueezer flap is opened so the foam head with a sample can now be positioned onto the PRESERVEi™ Card and the SwabSqueezer™ flap is closed. Hold the flap closed for 10 seconds and the sample is transferred from the foam swab onto the PRESERVEi™ Card. Once transfer is comple the foam swab is separated and the PRESERVEi™ Xpress Card is ready for shipping to the laboratory. We recommend our Dry Pouch or Small Multibarrier Pouch with Desiccant for transport and storage



Duo Micro Card


The Duo Micro Card is designed to transfer one sample onto two PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Cards simultaneously. Simply place a foam swab with sample on the PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card and close the flap containing a second PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Card. Squeezing the flap closed for 10 seconds allows for the sample to transfer to the two PRESERVEi™ Indicating Micro Cards above and below the sample. This allows for a very simple and consistent transfer process that provide better samples in less time and with ore consistency. Once the transfer is complete we recommend our Dry Pouch or Small Multibarrier Pouch with Desiccant for transport and storage.



 705™ and 705i™ Specimen Cards


705™ Specimen Cards are untreated specimen cards that are uniquely designed for convenient collection of bloodstains, buccal (cheek) swabs or saliva. These cards are available with or without indicator. The 705i™Indicator cards have a colored coating added to indicate where a colorless sample like buccal cells or saliva have been deposited. All specimen cards are made of materials that will not affect the sample or downstream processing and are easily sampled for processing using a punch of the appropriate size for the amount of sample required. The fold-over covers are designed to help hold the card during the drying process and protect the dried sample. 705™ and 705i™ Specimen Cards are available in the Classic, Mini, Micro, Nano™, TWYN™, Sampact, XPRESS™, AutoGene and Gene Card Formats.


 See Specimen Cards for details on these formats.



Items  Description

67001 705 Classic Card (4 Circles) Unprinted Cover

67002 705 Classic Card (4 Circles)

67021 705 Micro Card (1 Circle)

67022 705 Micro Card (1 Circle) With Jacket

67029 705 Micro DOB Card (1 Circle)

67030 705 Nano Card (1 Circle)

67042 705 Mini Card (2 Circles) Cover

67051 705 Gene Card (3 Circles)

67054 705 AutoGene Card

67062 705 TWYN  Card (2 Circles)

67080 705 Sampact Card

67085 705 XPRESS Card



Items  Description

67003 705i Classic Indicating Card (4 Circles)

67023 705i Micro Indicating Card (1 Circle)

67031 705i Nano Indicating Card (1 Circle)

67043 705i Mini Indicating Card (2 Circles)

67052 705i Indicating Gene Card (3 Circles)

67055 705i Indicating AutoGene Card

67063 705i Indicating TWYN  Card (2 Circles)

67081 705i Indicating Sampact Card

67086 705i Indicating XPRESS Card






























Specimen Cards (705™)



Made from biological grade cotton linter collection paper, Specimen Cards enhance biological specimen collection quality since samples will not run or diffuse.


Specimen Cards are guaranteed dependable and consistent for composition, maintaining a consistent thickness, flow rate and absorbency. They are tested and validated for use with biological samples and are produced with quality assured through our cGMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Specimen Collection Cards come in a number of formats for manual or automated processing and large or small sample sizes. They are designed for simplicity and minimize error rates. Dried blood stains applied to Specimen Cards in 1991 have not degraded and are still stable today providing high yields of DNA and excellent results.



General Information

Specimen Card Formats



Specimen Cards are available in a number of formats for different applications and protocols.



Mini Card


The card is a two circle version of the Classic Card with the same size circles and features.


TWYN™ Card


The card is like the Mini Card with the same size circles and features but the fold over cover comes from the side instead of the bottom.




Nano™ Cards


This is the smallest format specimen card we have designed with a small circle to easily identify where colorless samples are transferred from cotton or polyester swabs.


Classic Card


This card has four 1" sample area circles for application of up to 500µl of specimen or 100µl of Plant homogenate in a 3" x 3" total area. Each circle is one inch in diameter and will hold 125µl of blood. The fold over cover protects the specimen area before and after collection and supports the card during the drying process (see picture to the right).


Micro Card


The card is a one circle version of the Classic Card with the same size circle and features.



AutoGene™ Card


This automated format is similar to the Gene Card and has been specifically designed for Hamilton instruments.





The heavy card stock frame boarders a single circle format. Designed to work with foam swabs for long-term storage

Gene Card


The card has three touching circles that are each .75 inches in diameter in a 2.375" x 1" area. We recommend 75µl of whole blood for each circle. This automated format uses a heavy card stock to frame the specimen paper and works well with handling by robotic instrumentation.

Indicating Cards





ECS ZONE™ Indicating


Fitzco ECS™ Indicating is designed to show a zone where collected specimen is located. Unlike other indicating cards, after a clear sample is collected, the ECS Indicating™ stain will clearly define the area containing the highest concentration of cells, known as the Zone™. After a sample has been collected and dried, three distinct areas are shown: a dark blue border delineating the edge of the sample; a yellow neutral area; and a freckled blue green Zone™, which is the sample rich area.



After drying, the Zone Indicating™ is maintained and is not affected by humidity or sunlight. ECS Indicating™ cards may be stored at ambient or frozen temperatures. The collected sample may also be stored in the Fitzco UltraBarrier™ System or Fitzco Drypak® Pouches. Available on the PRO™ & ProPRIME™




pH Indicating™


Our R&D team has been busy in working on new products. We now have the new Fitzco pH indicating™ Cards. These indicating cards will change in color when a sample has been applied. After drying, the pH Indicating™ is maintained and is not affected by humidity or sunlight. Fitzco pH Indicating™ cards may be stored at ambient or frozen temperatures. The collected sample may also be stored in the Fitzco UltraBarrier™ System or Fitzco Drypak® Pouches.




Standard - Blue / White


Custom Colors

Dark Blue / Brown, Rose /White, Yellow / White, Green / Yellow

Not all custom colors are available on all types of cards.


Available with 705™, PRO™, ProPRIME™, PRO Direct™ DIRECT™ & PRESERVE™







Indicating Specimen Cards (705i™)



Not all biological samples like saliva or buccal samples are visible when applied to Specimen Cards, so we developed  Indicating Specimen Cards for these types of samples. Indicating Specimen Cards are coated so they are blue in color and change to white where sample is applied to the card. This is useful when identifying the best location on the card to punch for an optimal sample.





BSD Punch


BSD Laboratory Sample Punchers are designed to precisely punch a sample from a specimen card and drop it into a multiwell plate for analysis. When used with PRESERVE or 705 Specimen Cards, BSD Laboratory Sample Puncher have minimal creation of dust that can transfer from one sample to the next.


We feature The BSD 600Plus for forensic and genetic applications which has:

·         dual punch sizes to accommodate different sample types

·         pattern punching

·         Light targeting system to show you where the punch will be taken

·         Quick release punch allows the punch size to be cleaned or changed in seconds

·         A humidifier system to minimize static and ensure the punch is delivered to the correct location on the tray

·         A  dust extraction system

·         An auto-trigger senses the presence of a sample and punches without the need to us a switch


You can be confident that your sample is punched correctly and has been transferred to the designated location.


Our system is also compatible with deep well tray systems when you require larger volumes of solution for processing.


Our software is designed to customized your plate with samples and controls so you can set-up your plates to meet your requirements.


Service contracts are available at three levels of service, depending on your usage level and requirements.


Please call 608-819-6669 or email for more information



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Punch cleaning system Specially designed to minimize cross-contamination between samples - *minimize* maybe throw in a word like drastically massively etc. maybe throw in that it is not only designed to do this that it does it well.


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Anti-static System Humidifier system to help minimize the effects of static electricity on punched disks - maybe remove the word help or replace it with a qualifier like drastically etc






Cotton Swabs&CEP

Polyester Swabs

Foam Swabs




Cotton-Tipped and Ejectable - CEP®


We offer a variety of DNA-Free Swabs to accommodate our customers preferred procedures for sample collection


Cotton-Tipped Swabs


Cotton swabs are a great collector for most every specimen. They are very absorbent and retain cells well.  We offer them with Plastic stems, wood stems and colored stems.


Cat. No.            Description                                                      Size

8026         Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator Plastic Stem         1000/ case  100/pack


8185         Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator Plastic Stem         2/pack 1000/ case  100/pack


8172         Sterile Cotton Wood Stem                                     2/ pack 1000/ case  100/pack

8232         Sterile 3" Cotton Swab 2PC Pink Plastic Stem      2/ pack 1000/ case  100/pack

8233         Sterile 3" Cotton Swab 2PC Blue Plastic Stem      2/ pack  1000/ case  100/pack

8234         Sterile 3" Cotton Swab 2PC Yellow Plastic Stem   2/pack  1000/ case  100/pack

8235         Sterile 3" Cotton Swab 2PC White Plastic Stem   2/pack  1000/ case  100/pack


8048         Cotton Tipped Mini Swab                                         100/bag

CEP® Swabs


CEP® Swabs are designed for maximum yield of DNA from Reference samples. Tests have shown an average yield of 2.6 micrograms per swab can be collected. They Collect, Eject and Protect (CEP) your DNA sample


13003       CEP®  Swab 1 per Wrap                                              100/pack


13007       CEP® Swab 2 per Wrap                                               100/pack


13004       CEP® Swab Split Head 1 per Wrap                              100/pack


13005       CEP® Swab Split Head 2 per Wrap                              100/pack


13006       CEP® Swab Triple Head 1 per Wrap                            100/pack




These DNA free swabs are similar to our cotton swabs, except they utilize polyester tips. Polyester/Dacron is a proven substrate for collection and processing samples. Spun polyester on a microscopic level is very abrasive. It creates an excellent buccal cell collector. To the touch, the swab feels almost the same as cotton. These swabs are offered in four different colors, making them ideal during collection of paternity testing samples. Please view the corresponding paternity swab envelopes for transportation and storage.

Cat. No.                      Description                                          Size


8069           Individually Wrapped (WH)                                 1000/ case  100/pack








8229           Individually Wrapped (WH) - wood shaft           1000/ case  100/pack







8059           Sterile Polyester - Two/wrap, Yellow Plastic Stem      100/pack



8060           Sterile Polyester - Two/wrap, Blue Plastic Stem         100/pack




8061           Sterile Polyester - Two/wrap, Pink  Plastic Stem        100/pack



8062           Sterile Polyester - Two/wrap, white, Plastic Stem      100/pack


Push -Off Swabs


These unique swabs have a push-off polyester tip that fits into an extraction tube after the collection of cells. These swabs minimize contamination and are convenient for collection and effective for long-term storage.

8227 Dacron Large Bulb- Individually wrapped 100/pack

8228 Dacron Standard Bulb- Individually wrapped    100/pack



These sterile DNA free Foam-Tipped Swab/Applicators have a 100% Foam Tip and are reliable and dependable for collecting specimens. These sterile swabs are non-abrasive and ideal for the collection of buccal cells and smooth surfaces.



Foam Tipped Swab/Applicator Round- Sterile


The 08033 series have a large absorbent head (approximately 7/8" in diameter)

and are often referred to as "Lollipop Swabs" and is considered the standard.

They are ideal for the collection of buccal cells.

These Lollipop swabs also work very well to transfer cells onto indicating

DNA paper such as Fitzco's Ensemble™, FP705™ or FTA®*,

most efficiently using the Sampact Collection Device (Fitzco #65079).


The foam head is the perfect size for the sample areas on the standard Classic, Micro, Mini, Gene Cards



Cat.No           Description                                       Size




8033   Foam Tipped Swab Sterile - Round Applicator    50/box

Foam Tipped Swab/Applicator Standard - Sterile


The 8067 swab is similar to the standard swab head size, but utilizes a foam tip.


8067    Foam Tipped Swab Sterile - Standard Applicator       50/box



Fingerstick - blade retracting


Fingersticks are used to collect blood. They are a self injecting

device that releases a dart or blade to puncture your skin. The blood is then collected with DNA paper or swab. Our line is a self retracting blade and easily disposable.


To sample blood safely, simply and successfully, Fitzco's line of fingersticks includes Unistick, Unilet, BD and more. These fingersticks are single-use safety lancets.


They comprise multiple versions, offering a variety of needle gauges and penetration depths to meet all your sampling requirements.


All have the same unique single-use mechanism to avoid needlestick injuries and prevent cross infection. The firing action is designed  to provide extra comfort for both patient and professional.


The disposable capillary sampling device is designed for single use and safe disposal.


Quick, smooth incision then retracts automatically into the device after use.


Provides virtually painless blood sampling and protection for the technician and patient.


Cat. No.                  Description                              Size


8025     Fingerstick Device, Standard                     50/pack

8012     Pink Lancet - Blade                                    50/pack

8002     Yellow Safety - Flow Lancet                     100/pack

8005     2mm Lancet - Blade                                  50/pack

8029     Lancet                                                     100/pack

8050     Lancet- Blade                                            50/pack

8098     3ml Fingerstick Device                               50/pack

8081     Lancet Disposal Container                         50/pack



UltraBarrier Pouches


Tamper Evident Tape

Heat Sealers

Stand Up Barrier






A rigid protective card mailer for transporting DNA Cards. For use with

UltraBarrier™, multi barrier pouches, or Drypak® to transport the cards

in accordance with U.S. postal service requirements. This mailer was

specifically designed by Fitzco for specimen collection cards in 1994.



Fitzco® Fold-Out™ Specimen Mailers

    Cat. No        Description                               Size


6064         Fold-Out Specimen Mailers                   100/pack

6092         DNA/ Specomen Card mailer                  50/pack




6138      7.5 x 10.5 + 1.5 Flap Envelope Plain         50 pack

6140      7.5 x 10.5 TX Tyvek TE Envelope             25 pack

6144      7.5 x 10.5 TX Tyvek Plain Envelope         25 pack

6151      7.5 x 10.5 TX Tyvek  Envelope Vip Clos   25 pack





Pouch - Mailing

The Fitzco Leakproof Specimen Mailer


This Fitzco Mailing Pouch is approved by the United States

Postal Service for mailing biological specimens. The military,

laboratories and law enforcement agencies use it extensively.

The opaque material can be written and/or printed on. Shipping weight, 46lbs.


The pouch film is made with a coextruded Nylon/Polyethylene

material. This fortifies the pouch for transport. Without the Nylon,

plain polyethylene will tear and break causing leaks. This is why

Fitzco's Mailers are approved for biological specimen transport.

The pouch also has a propreitary print layer to accept ink. The

seal is designed to keep any leaks inside the pouch containing the mess


28007      Mailing Envelop/Pouch 1000/case         100/pack








Fitzco UltraBarrier™ is the strongest available DNA /Multi Barrier Pouch on the market since 1991.


It has a tamper-evident closure, a paper outer layer for printing and is excellent for vacuum sealing. DNA cards can be stored long-term in freezing or  ambient

temperatures in the Ultrabarrier Pouch.


The pouches have multiple uses: DNA specimens, Bloodstains, buccal cells, photos, tissue, bone, evidence, etc.


The outer paper allows for printing, labels or handwriting.


The first Multibarrier Poiuch was the 28002. We simply called it the "Vacuum Foil Pouch". It wasnt until we released the 28003 with the tape closure in 1992 that we decided on calling the product line multibarrier. Now it is the Ultrabarrier™/Multibarrier.


Fitzco® UltraBarrier™ - Multi Barrier



The original multibarrier pouch was designed, manufactured, certified and validated by Fitzco for storing DNA Cards, PRESERVETM Cards and other biological samples. We use the same formula as we did in 1991.


Our pouch is the ORIGINAL multibarrier that is tear resistant with a true seven

layer foil/polyester/paper/Poly barrier film (6.25 mil film thickness) and is ideal for

storage or transportation of Blood Stain and DNA Specimens.


The Fitzco UltraBarrier™ is designed to be used in the field for the collection of

DNA/biological samples. Perfect for use with dried blood spot cards / dried specimen cards such as the 903® paper, Fitzco products; 705™ paper and cards, DIRECT™, PRESERVE™, PRO™ & PROPRIME™. Durable for transport.


It has been validated and in use for over 20 years. Storage in both frozen and ambient conditions - Fitzco cards, DNA Cards, PRESERVETM Cards and other biological samples.


Other companies claim seven layers, but why do their pouches tear so easily.....??


By removing or reducing the protective layers and decreasing the thickness (over 1 mil), they have weakened the pouch. Don't let your pouch be the one that fails.



Cat. No.                   Description                                                          Size


28000           Medical Records Pouch                                                 100/pack

28002           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier Large Straight Cut                  500/case  100/pack

28003           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier Large                                      500/case  100/pack

28015           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier - Large Slim Straight Cut        500/case  100/pack

28016           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier - Small                                    500/case  100/pack

28017           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier - Lg/WD                                  500/case  100/pack

28025           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier- Extra Large                           500/case  100/pack

28026           Ultrabarrier/Multi Barrier - small NAME & DOB              500/case  100/pack

28042           Clear UltraBarrier Small                                                 100/pack

28043           Clear UltraBarrier Large                                                500/case  100/pack

16001           28025 with 4gm desiccant sealed into seam                 100/pack

16002           28003 with preloaded desiccant                                    100/pack 25/Bag





FitzPak® is the strongest self-sealing evidence bag on the market. The evidence bags utilize

a tamper evident and tamper resistant unique Easy Seal™ closure that will void if the seal has

been tampered with. This seal is impervious to heat or cold.


All FitzPak® evidence bags utilize a sequential numbering system that includes a bar code on

the bag itself and a tear off liner printed with the corresponding number.   The liner can be torn off

and attached to a case file.   This system establishes chain of custody and an audit trail and also

helps to prevent bag switching.


Security bags designed with a tamper resistant closure that will void if the seal has been compromised.

These pouches utilize a sequential numbering system that includes a bar code and a tear off liner printed

with the same number. The liner can be attached to a case file, which will establish a chain of custody and

an audit trail that helps prevent evidence handling errors.


Fitzpak™ evidence bags come in a clear special polyethylene film that is extra tough to hold up under

transportation and handling. Writing areas on every bag ensure proper identification and reference.



is available in five stock sizes as well as special sizes. The bags, which have a standard stock print are available without print and can also be customized to correlate with internal systems.






Item #      Description                  Qty

26100      5" x 9"                          1000/case

26101      7" X 9"                         1000/case

26102     10" x 12"                       500/case

26103     13" x 16"                       500/case

26104     18" x 24"                      100/case

26500     Evidence Bag Starter kit contains

                    5" x 9" 100ct

                    7" x 9" 100ct

                    10" x 12" 200ct

                    13" x 16" 100ct

                    18" x 24" 100ct






Fitzco® Evidence Tape

108" x 1 3/8" per roll

Secure • Tamper resistant • SplitBaK™


Fitzco evidence tape preserves the integrity of your evidence.


To prevent tampering, our evidence tape utilizes an aggressive adhesive securing the tape permanently to most surfaces.


The serrated edges allow for instant recognition if tampering has occurred.


Our evidence tape comes in rolls and is provided to you in a dispenser box,

allowing you to cut different length sections according to your needs. Fitzco

evidence tapes can be written on with various types of inks.


Fitzco evidence tape has a split back liner making it easier to place the tape

where you need it. Fitzco pioneered the splitback process for evidence tape early in the 1990s.


The original SplitBaK™ evidence tape from Fitzco®.


 Fitzco® Evidence Tapes






The impulse sealer is used to seal flexible film structures (pouches) by melting the plastic together.


The impulse sealer utilizes electrical technology for safety and efficiency.  The Unit is activated only when the sealing arm is depressed; creating a short surge of

electricity that seals film instantly.


The sealing arm is hot only when activated so you won’t waste money by forgetting to unplug it. No warm up time is needed for an Impulse Sealer. The system is ready when you are. The variable timer controls the heating intervals sealing a variety of films from polyethylene to foils instantaneously.


Best of all, since the sealer is cool when inactive, there is no danger.


Cat No.                  Description                            Size


7003        Heat Impulse Sealers 12 inch                each

7004        Heat Impulse Sealers 16 inch                each

7006        Heat Impulse Sealers 20 inch                each


7013        Heating Element for 12"                         each

7019        Heating Element for 16"                         each

7014        Timer for 12"                                          each

7029        Timer for 16"                                          each

7015        Teflon for 12" (adhesive)                        each

7016        Teflon for 12" (non-adhesive)                 each

7022        Kit fo 12" (element & Teflon)                   each

7028        Kit fo 16" (element & Teflon)                   each

7020        Kit fo 20" (element & Teflon)                   each



Stand-UP ZIP Barrier M.E. Pouch


The Stand UP ZIP Medical Examiner Pouch utilizes a 4.5 mil FitzPak™ Polyester / Poly film to give you the highest quality in barrier pouch­es. These pouches have a temperature range of -70 to +240 degrees Fahrenheit making them highly compatible with con­ditions in most labs. Even in prolonged contact with chemi­cals such as formaldehyde, alkalis, most acids, greases, oils and organic solvents these pouches will not delaminate.


These pouches have an upright design which makes it very convenient for specimen collection

and storage. By simply opening the bottom gusset, the pouch will stand upright for easy loading.

The zip closure allows for easy access to the specimen. These pouches can also be heat sealed

for per­manent storage.





Cat No.       Description                                       Size

5003           6" x 9" x 1 9/16                     500/Case       50/Pack


Custom Kits

Dental DNA Kits

CripKit Explosive Detection

Collection Kits


We work with each customer to clearly understand how a collection kit fits into their process including who will be collecting what type of sample and where. I allows us to assist in selecting the best collection devices with instructions clearly laid out to minimize any errors in collection and documentation. The elements we customize include:



                      Labels and seals






                       Contents included in kits including collection devices



We are experts in designing kits for:  DNA Databanking, Evidence/ Sexual Assault, Paternity, Reference/ Warrant, Plant, Blood, Buccal and Tissue kits.


Please call our Customer Service Department to discuss how we can help design a kit that will provide the best quality samples and evidence for your laboratory.



Dental DNA Collection Kit


This buccal cell collection kit has been designed specifically for the collection of a DNA sample during a routine visit to the dentists office. Investigators are increasingly turning to dentists to obtain dental records to help identify remains. This kit allows a dentist to inform the investigating agency that a DNA sample was collected and stored in a controlled environment.


Client Specimen Records

This ProPRIMEi™ buccal sample collection kit is ideal for DNA collection at home or the office of a dentist. Suggested and recommended by Forensic Odontologists. Kit includes professional instructions, swab, DNA card, desiccant, and a pre-labeled UltraBarrier™ pouch. After collection, kits can be stored at either ambient or frozen temperatures.


65015 Dental DNA Kit - ProPRIMEi™ Micro Card 1/each


65066 Dental DNA Kit - ProPRIMEi™ Sampact® 1/each




Presumptive Explosive Detection Kit



For years law enforcement officers have been able to run quick and easy color tests to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol. Now, there is a quick and easy to use kit that can determine whether there is a presence of explosives or incendiaries residues.


The CripKit™ has been based upon the tests used in the laboratory by forensic scientists.


While this kit cannot be used to replace laboratory analysis, it provides instant results in the field.


Reagents included in the kit allow to test for organic or inorganic nitrates, perchlorates, chlorates, and peroxide based explosives.


Provided in each kit is an instruction manual that explains when the individual reagent should be applied.


Once you have selected the reagent you will be using for testing, the next step is to place the test material into a test plate or zip top bag.

 After that you will add a drop of the reagent in order to observe any color change. The results of the color change can be compared to an explosive chart that corresponds to the reagent that has been used.
























Kit Includes


15 ml Blue Reagent Bottle

15 ml Grey Reagent Bottle

15 ml Yellow Reagent Bottle

15 ml Purple Reagent Bottle

15 ml Green  Reagent Bottle

15 ml Red Reagent Bottle

15 ml Orange Reagent Bottle

15 ml Pink Reagent Bottle

CEP Swabs

Large Nitrile Gloves

Small Zip Top Bags

Alcohol Prep Pads


12-well Test Plates

Carrying Case

Instruction Booklet

Foam Insert



Part #





















SpinEze Tubes

Sterile Water Vials



Specimen Sampling and Processing


Interchangable tips and ejectors - Autoclavable - Hardened steel


Fitzco® Classic Punch & Mini Punch™ are unique sampling tools. They are light and yet sturdy. The body is made of medical grade aluminum with a harded steel machined sharped cutting tip. The Fitzco® Classic & Mini Punch™ are designed to cut & retrieve punched samples from source materials such as tissue, gel, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films, specimen cards or other thin substrates. This punch is ideal for use with Fitzco ECS™ Cards and other DNA cards. It can be used for both DNA and protein applications. Tips are machined from stainless steel that is heat treated and then sharpened for a long cutting life. Tips are available in diameters ranging from 0.50 to 3.00 mm. The steel plungers and ejection rods(ejectors) with a patent pending design intergrating the tip with the plunger, rod and spring.


Our Classic Punch™ and Mini Punch™ systems tips are interchangable. In fact, the patent pending design of interchangeable tips and ejectors can change a 0.5mm punch to a 3.0mm punch in less than a minute.

Cat. No.                  Description 


New        Fitzco Classic Punch (Larger) with 7 different tips (3 each)

New        Fitzco Classic Mini Punch (Smaller) with 7 different tips (3 each)

New servicing for Tips: Resharpen/recycle/Repair


Cat. No.                  Description


8128 Cutting Mat 2.5" x 3"                     each/pack of 4

8103 Cutting Mat 4" x 6"                         each/pack of 5

8209 Cutting Mat 6" x 8"                         each/pack of 6





SpinEze® Extraction / Centrifuge Tubes are suitable for separating solutions containing DNA from solid medium used to collect the sample (e.g.   buccal swabs, dna punch, blood stain, CEP™ swab, etc. ).


The device is sold as a set including a filter insert (basket) and a 2ml microcentrifuge receiver tube with attached snap cap. The filter insert (basket) is designed with an integrated mesh bottom to allow passage of the eluted DNA sample into the receiver while retaining the solid collection medium in the insert which is then removed to allow further processing of the sample.


The medium in the insert is treated with appropriate solvent or buffers to release the DNA and then the entire apparatus is centrifuged which separates the DNA in solution from the solid medium.   The insert is then removed and further processing/purification can be performed in the receiver tube.


Cat. No.                    Description                                                     Size



2065                            SpinEze Tube 2ml                                         1000/ case  100/pack


2056                            SpinEze Basket                                             1000/ case  100/pack


10095                          SpinEze Sets  2065  &  2056                        1000/ case  100/pack


2066                            SpinEze MicroFine Basket                           1000/ case  100/pack


new                              SpinEze Tube 1.5 ml                                   1000/ case  100/pack



Dispenses quickly

Twist-and-pull closure

Engraved product graduations for dispensing

Dispense accurately by the drop, by the ml or as a stream


Medical use: Tracheal cleansing, Inhalation, Irrigation

For Evidence collection: Sterile water is perfect for moistening swabs for the rehydration collection of biological samples. Over saturation of the swab could cause a loss of cells during collection.

Item #              Description/                              Size Qty

02004      3ml Sterile Water Vials                     100/box.



Laboratory Grade - Biosample


FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants


Have confidence that your specimen will dry in the pouch without contamination. Control the moisture in your specimen pouch. The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccant contains a special dehydrator, with millions of microscopic pores to soak up water vapor. It begins absorbing immediately. FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants will eliminate all moisture and dampness, from your collection sample when used in a barrier environment.


The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants are laboratory grade and will not contaminate your sample. They are manufactured using our contamination free protocols to ensure that there isn’t any DNA transferred in the production process. While industrial grade is less expensive but will contaminate the specimen. They are manufactured without contamination protocols in place(i.e. no gloves, masks, cleaning protocols, etc.).


The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccant has been validated and in use for over 22 years. First use was with the FITZCO® ULTRAbarrier™/multi barrier system to control the moisture with the Fitzco cards. Then after Fitzco released the FTA® card it was quickly accepted as the premium product to use in sample collection and long term storage.


Available in Indicating and Non-Indicating


Control the moisture, take away the humidity.


1004 Multi - Desiccant Pouch / 6 - 01006 1 gram desiccants in foil pouch

1005 Multi - Desiccant Pouch / 2 - 01006 1 gram desiccants in foil pouch


1006 1 Gram Desiccant - Indicating


1009 0.5 Gram Desiccant Indicating


1010 Desiccant 4 Gram with seal end


1012 1 gram Desiccant - Indicating 7/8" 1-5/8"


1014 1 gram Desiccant - Indicating 1" x 2"


1016 0.5 Gram Canister Desiccant


16001 #28025 FITZCO® ULTRA / Multi Barrier Pouch with 4 gm desiccant sealed into seam

   16001 can be used with the Fitzco® MICROtiter™ Sheets & the FTA® Clone Saver System


16002 #28003 FITZCO® ULTRA / Multi Barrier Pouch-Large Preloaded with Desiccant








1000/case 100/pack


1000/case 100/pack




1000/case 100/pack


1000/case 100/pack


1000/case 100/pack





100/Pack 25/Bag




*Custom size, weight and printing available

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